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Deer Smell Period Blood

Can Deer Smell Period Blood?

Deer have a great sense of smell, and they don’t put taboos on sensitive topics like we humans do. Therefore, asking yourself if a deer can smell a woman’s period blood is not as strange of a question as you might think. In general, most deer species are able to smell human period blood or

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Why Do Fawns Have Spots

Why Baby Deer Have White Spots

Have you ever noticed that baby deer always seem to have white spots across their entire fur? The beautiful dots have an important role to play in the survival of newborn fawns. All newborn baby deer are born with white spots on their fur to help them camouflage from potential predators. White spots contrast with

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Can Deer Have Twins Triplets

Can Deer Have Twins Or Triplets?

Twins and triplets are relatively rare in humans, but the animal kingdom plays by different rules. For deer, having multiple fawns at once can be a survival strategy. At the same time, feeding many mouths can be a challenge in the wild. Scientific evidence suggests that it is more common for deer to give birth

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