What Do You Call Deer With No Eyes? (Explaining The Joke)

Deer With No Eyes

The concept of a deer with no eyes seems a bit creepy to me. Imagine a cute little Bambi creature roaming around the woods but it keeps bumping into a bunch of trees. Regardless, this is a common joke that people use that might require a simple explanation.

A deer with no eyes is a ‘noideer‘ or in other words ‘no idea‘.

The answer to the joke is actually just a simple play on words. Some would cal this a pun. Some would call the joke funny, but as a wildlife expert I just think it’s punny. If you catch my drift. Hehe.


Deer with no eyes: Joke explained

The joke or meme about the deer without eyes is basically a funny play on words that relies on a pun. The answer to the question “What do you call a deer with no eyes?” is “No eye deer” (pronounced like “no idea”).

Here’s the simple explanation to the joke:

  1. When you read the question at first, it seems like it’s asking for a specific name or term for a deer with no eyes.
  2. However, the wordplay comes in with the answer. Instead of providing a literal name for the deer, the answer “No eye deer” sounds similar to the common phrase “no idea,” which means to have no knowledge or clue about something.

So, the joke is a clever twist that leads the listener to expect a literal answer, but it delivers a pun instead. It relies on the similarity in pronunciation between “no eye deer” and “no idea” to generate the joke.


Why do people like this joke so much?

The reason this joke is so commonly used in English-speaking countries (mainly the United States), is because the nature of the answer. Having ‘no idea’ would be the default answer people provide for a silly joke question such as “What do you call a deer with no eyes?”.

Seeing a blind deer with no eye sockets is such a creepy and outlandish concept that giving it a name is hard to imagine for most people. And they’re right, because it doesn’t actually have a name.

So what would you reply if someone asks you this question? You simply say “no idea”.

But the joke’s answer also sounds like “no idea”. Because, simply put, the answer to the joke question is “no eye deer”. This means the pun will work regardless if you know the answer to it. That’s what makes it funny for the person that asks the question in the first place!

By the way, there are a bunch of variations of this joke. So you can counter with those, if you feel like taking some humorous revenge.


You’re supposed to say “No eye deer”

The heavier the English accent people have, the more effective this ‘punny’ joke will be. Noideaaar. You get it? It just sounds more similar.

Unless you say something other than the obvious reply “no idea”, of course. That’s when the joke seizes to work and you check-mate the person trying to lrue you into giving this answer.

A clever reply to the question what we would call a deer with no eyes is therefore anything other than “no idea”. It would make it difficult for the person asking the question to deliver the punchline and make the joke work.


Do deer with no eyes actually exist?

Nature is metal. There are millions of deer and many hundreds of deer species to be found all over the world. But all of these species have deer with two eyes that are completely intact. For the most part…

There are always ‘freaks of nature’ to be found out in the wild. It might sounds a little bit creepy to call the “no eye deer” a real animal. But it’s actually a real thing, in an exceptional case. A deer can be borm without eyes and have completely empty eye sockets.

It’s unlikelt such an animal will be able to live in the wild for prolonged periods of time. The animals are a prey species after all: deer have many types of predators looking to hunt them. Here’s the list of common deer predators in North America. You can bet that one of these animals will have no issues eating your silly deer without eyes.

That’s a bit of a disturbing note to finish this joke explanation on. So I’ll just leave you with some happy deer facts instead. Here’s a few interesting deer articles for you to check out next: