Can Raccoons Swim? Are They Good Swimmers?

Can Raccoons Swim In Water How Far

Raccoons aren’t just avid tree climbers, they also enjoy a swim in your local lake, pond, river, creek, or pool. They seem to be surprisingly good at navigating their way into even the wettest places on the North American continent. Most raccoons are surprisingly good swimmers and can often be found in or near water. … Read more

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How Likely Are Raccoons To Kill House Cats?

Raccoon Kill Cat Eat

Generally, raccoons are not aggressive towards domesticated house cats. However, cats can respond aggressively towards the presence of a raccoon for multiple reasons. While unlikely, a wild raccoon is definitely able to kill a cat in a fight. Aggressive behavior between a cat and raccoon is generally caused by a dispute over food, or territorial … Read more

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What Animal Eats Raccoons? (13 Natural Predators)

What Eats Raccoons Predators That Kill Them

Raccoons are part of the food chain, and other animals will eat a raccoon if given the opportunity. Especially in North America, there is a range of natural predators that hunt and kill raccoons for various reasons. Apart from humans, the most important raccoon predators are the great horned owl, cooper’s hawk, red-tailed hawk, northern … Read more

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Can Raccoons Climb Up And Down Trees?

Can Raccoons Climb Up And Down Trees

If you’ve ever seen a raccoon climb down a tree, you’ve probably wondered how it ended up there. The behavior is perfectly natural. Trash pandas are opportunistic animals that tend to prefer the safety of a tree over spending time on the ground. Raccoons are excellent tree climbers. For a raccoon, climbing up and down … Read more

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