How Do Raccoons Get Rabies

How Do Raccoons Get Rabies?

Raccoons are often seen as dangerous animals due to their ability to transmit the deadly rabies virus. Along with foxes, coyotes, skunks, bats, raccoons are the primary carriers of rabies in North America. Generally, raccoons get rabies by transmitting the virus through their saliva. This can happen either through a bite, or by interacting with […]

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Albino Raccoon Rare

How Rare Is An Albino Raccoon?

Encountering an albino raccoon in the wild is very rare. These so-called blonde or white raccoons are sometimes sold and kept as pets, although even in that world they are not that common. Albinism in raccoons is caused by a rare genetic mutation, occurring in an estimated 1 in 10,000 individuals. Albino raccoons trade their

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Are Raccoons Rodents

Are Raccoons Considered To Be Rodents?

To most people, raccoons are considered vermin. Similar to rodents like mice and rats, the raccoon is a known pest that often infiltrates our living spaces. While occupying the same ecological niche as rodents, raccoons cannot be classified as such. Raccoons are not considered to be rodents, but are instead classified as musteloids (mammals of

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